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Carmix 2K Transparent Sealer (4:1) /
Carmix 2K Hardener for Transparent Sealer

Product Code: CPR421/CHDP421

Description :
Carmix 2K Transparent primer is a 2-Pack non-sanding isolating primer; it gives excellent isolation and provides good filling. There are 3 modes of application :
1. As a transparent non-sanding isolation primer :
It has very good filling properties, provides a uniform surface prior to topcoating.
2. As a primer over thermoplastic or to repair thermoplastic topcoat with a clear-over- base system.
3. As a pre-tinted undercoat prior to the application of poor hiding topcoat.

Standard Packaging:
1 set (1Litre & 0.25 Litre Hardener, 4 Litre & 1 Litre Hardener)

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